Schindler's List - Steven Spielberg

This amazingly powerful film tells of a war profiteer in WW2 who turns into a savior of Jews. Liam Neeson plays the title Oskar Schindler, a Nazi party member who makes great money using the slave labor during World War II. Little by little he realizes just what he is wrapped up in, and he risks his life and fortune to start saving the Jewish people. By the end, he has rescued over 1,000 Jews.

The movie won numerous awards even though Spielberg risked his modern audience by shooting the film mostly in black and white. He in fact won Best Picture of 1993. Ralph Fiennes was brilliant as Amon Goeth, and Ben Kingsley was great as Itzhak Stern. There are so many great performances in the movie that it's almost a shame to call a few out.

Even with the black and white colors, you immediately get immersed in this story. I know many people who lived through Poland and Germany in World War II and the attention to detail is just immense. Many, many people that I talk with came out of this movie viewing in tears. It is not a 'historical' movie. It's a movie about real people, in a real situation, and the very difficult choices they had to make. It is about taking the difficult road that you know is right, rather than coasting along the easy road.

I really recommend this as a must-watch to any person over age 13. If a youngster is to watch this one, I recommend watching it with an adult so the issues can be talked about afterwards.

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