Sand Vacation Memory Holder - Empty Pen Refill Craft

When you use pens that you refill, you end up with those empty refill tubes that get tossed into the trash and create permanent waste. So many of these are thrown away each year that they could circle the earth many times! Here's an easy fun craft idea to use with those empty pen refill tubes. This is part of my series of articles on Recycling Pens. This project is for making a vacation memory holder.

So to begin with, when you are ready to change the ink on your pen, you have the inside ink holder, now empty of ink -

recycling pens

You can fairly easily pull this out into its components. Here is what you have:

recycling pens

So it separates out into the plastic tube that held the ink, and the delivery tip which is metal and plastic and hollow. In addition you also have a small plastic plug which fit into the tube above the ink, to prevent it from coming out the top.

This tube is perfect for holding a small memento of your favorite locations that you adore! They can be special trips you go on, favorite family and friends that you visit, or anywhere else that has emotional or spiritual meaning to you.

Step one, you need to clean the empty pen ink tube. A little soap and water in a sink will do the trick.

recycling pens

Make sure you clean the little plastic plug that held the ink in, too, as well as the plastic tips. You'll need both of those for this project.

Carry a set or two with you in your purse or car when you travel. When you get to somewhere that you feel a real connection with, uncap one of the ends of your tube. Take a little sand or soil up in the tube, as your connection with that location. Each location will have its own personality. Bermuda is known for its pink sands. France is known for its rich soils. Cap the tube up again once it is full. Use a sharpie - they come in all colors - to label your tube with the location and date, so you remember what is in it.

You can set up a special location in your home to hold your tubes. Each one can bring back special memories for you. Maybe when you're feeling sad, there will be a special tube you can carry with you, to remind you of your happy times. If you're stressed, another tube can bring up serenity and peace.


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