Single Bud Vase - Empty Pen Refill Craft

When you use pens that you refill, you end up with those empty refill tubes that get tossed into the trash and create permanent waste. So many of these are thrown away each year that they could circle the earth many times! Here's an easy fun craft idea to use with those empty pen refill tubes. This is part of my series of articles on Recycling Pens. This project is for making a bud vase.

So to begin with, when you are ready to change the ink on your pen, you have the inside ink holder, now empty of ink -

recycling pens

You can fairly easily pull this out into its components. Here is what you have:

recycling pens

So it separates out into the plastic tube that held the ink, and the delivery tip which is metal and plastic and hollow. In addition you also have a small plastic plug which fit into the tube above the ink, to prevent it from coming out the top.

This tube is exactly the right size to form a single bud vase for an origami flower!

Step one, you need to clean the empty pen ink tube. A little soap and water in a sink will do the trick.

recycling pens

Then you make yourself some origami flowers with pipe cleaner stems. There are many YouTube videos (including mine!) to help you with this.

recycling pens

Now you put each flower into one of the tubes! Here's just a few ideas of what to do with these:

* Glue a suction cup to the tube to stick it on a window or mirror
* Glue a stick pin to the tube to connect this flower to your bulletin board at work or home
* Glue a pin to the tube to use it as a broach, it livens up any outfit
* Glue a barrette to it to use it as a hair ornament
* Glue an alligator clip to it to connect it to your purse or backpack
* Glue a magnet to the tube to add it to your refrigerator

A lovely present for all occasions!

recycling pens

If you want, you can put the pen's pointy end back on the base of the tube, and stick them in the ground around a regular houseplant!

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