Feng Shui Charms - Empty Pen Refill Craft

When you use pens that you refill, you end up with those empty refill tubes that get tossed into the trash and create permanent waste. So many of these are thrown away each year that they could circle the earth many times! Here's an easy fun craft idea to use with those empty pen refill tubes. This is part of my series of articles on Recycling Pens. This project is for making Feng Shui charms.

So to begin with, when you are ready to change the ink on your pen, you have the inside ink holder, now empty of ink -

recycling pens

You can fairly easily pull this out into its components. Here is what you have:

recycling pens

So it separates out into the plastic tube that held the ink, and the delivery tip which is metal and plastic and hollow. In addition you also have a small plastic plug which fit into the tube above the ink, to prevent it from coming out the top.

You can now create your own customized Feng Shui charms to bring you good fortune, creativity, sereneity, love, or any other item wherever you go!

Part of the theory of Feng Shui is this. Your human body has been trained over the thousands of years to react to certain colors. Psychologists can prove this with a variety of studies. If they show men the exact same photo of a woman - one with a red frame around it, the other without a red frame - men will react more favorably to the red framed woman's photo. Those color signals are embedded in our brains. Put the color connections to good use, and draw your whole brain into the equation of your life path!

Here are some of the traditional colors and the meanings they evoke. Of course your personal ones may vary, depending on the environment you grew up in.

Romance, most definitely. Love and passion. It also stands for fortune, luck, protection, and success.

Orange draws in creativity. It's the power of the streaming sunshine. It helps bring order to your world.

Yellow is comfort, caring, and friendship. It brings health and long life. When people are visualizing colors to get healthy, they typically visualize a golden glow.

Green is about growth, freshness, balance, and nature. Green is the rolling hills and waving trees.

Blue is the deep blue sea, the beautiful sky overhead covering us all. It is the color of stress relief, relaxation, patience, wisdom, and loyalty.

Purple reflects elegance, calm, and strength. Purple was historically the color of queens and kings, of princesses and princes.

Brown is stability, strength, houe and home. It is the foundation for your successful projects.

Black is a color of power and sturdiness. It is the rock that holds you steady. It reflects emotional security, career succes, and financial success.

Step one, you need to clean the empty pen ink tube. A little soap and water in a sink will do the trick.

recycling pens

Make sure you clean the little plastic plug that held the ink in, too, as well as the plastic tips. You'll need both of those for this project.

Step two, the contents! Many craft stores sell colored powder, or you can make your own with salt and food dye. Fill the tubes with the colors that have the most meaning to you, and cap both ends with either the little plastic plugs or the larger ones with the metal tips. The sand won't come out that tiny hole that the ink used to come out of :)

Use a sharpie - they come in many colors - to label your tube with words that have meaning to you.

You can set up a location in your home to hold the tubes. You can have them all together, or you can put themi n certain parts of your rooms, or you can put them right in front of you on your desk or by your bed to always be in your mind. You can carry one with you if you're going on an important appointment or interview.

Use the power of your mind and its connection with color to create a wonderful new path for yourself!


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