Living Room Feng Shui

Your living room is where you welcome family and friends into your world. It is often where you spend much of your own relaxing time as well. It's important that the living room be a place that is comfortable, soothing, and open to conversation and fun.

Keep the area clean, so that guests can pop by at any time and you feel welcome to have them. Have chairs and tables set out so that people can plunk down and talk, have a drink, have a snack, and everything is right there.

This is the place to showcase your family photos, your trip landscapes, and other items which invite conversation. Interesting pictures and decor can draw people into asking questions or sharing their own stories.

Have the furniture comfortable and also well tended to. Visitors might be iffy about sitting on a chair that looks like it's about to break, or a couch covered with orange stains.

Have ample light so your guests (and you!) can see what they're doing and not bump into things. You want to avoid glaring light, but you also don't want the room deep in shadows either. Look for a healthy balance that keeps things fresh without being blinding.

Do a decluttering sweep daily, to pick up old plates and dirty clothes. You never know what opportunities life might throw your way. The more prepared you are for visitors and positive energy, the more likely you are to benefit when they come by!

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