Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui has been developed for thousands of years by the Chinese. Much of it resides in extremely practical, understandable information that are "common sense". For example, you don't want your bed right up against a window. Why? Heck, because you could roll off the bed and out the window! When you put your desk in an office, typically you want your chair to be facing the door so you can see who is walking into your office. Again, why? Because it makes sense that you don't want people sneaking up behind you!

Feng shui helps people realize these common sense sorts of ideas both on the large and small scale. While there are some "rules" to feng shui, more often than not what matters is how you personally react to colors. For example, say that the Chinese equate red with power and energy. Their culture has trained them in that relationship from the moment an infant is born. However, say that you are born into a culture which is surrounded by a powerful stormy ocean and for your culture dark blue is the color of power and energy. For you, dark blue would be what you used for energy activities.

Here are some basics of Feng Shui to help get you started! Remember, customize for YOU. If your bedroom is all done in a gothic style, plunking a bright red Chinese vase in a corner because "a book told you to" is not going to help much. You need to find an item that matches your style and your needs.

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