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Your lumbar is in essence the lower region of your back - the part of your spinal column right over your butt. This part of your spine is usually the part that develops pain, because it is supporting the entire weight of your torso and head. If you put your hand on your lower back, right above your butt, where it curves inwards towards your insides, that is the lumbar region.

Your lumbar is curved, as you know. However, most chairs have straight backs. That means that your spine is not helped out in its task to hold up your body. This can cause your lumbar to get really sore, if you sit all day. This is where a lumbar support comes in. It is a "bulge" in your chair that matches that curve of your spine, to give some support to your spine. If your chair doesn't already come with that bulge, you can buy what is in essence a little pillow to strap to the chair, to fit into that curved spot. It provides the support for very little money.

I got the lumbar supoprt by Comfort Makers after years of having an aching back. I honestly couldn't afford a new chair and had to find an alternative solution. This below isn't a picture of the exact item, but it looks very close to what I have.

You strap it onto the chair with a velcro loop, so it fits on pretty much any chair (including auto seats and plane seats). You can move it up or down to match where your particular lumbar area falls on the chair. You can even adjust the "insides" of the lumbar pack to make it larger or smaller, again to fit how your body is shaped.

It feels SO nice to have this behind my back. Unlike other lumbar devices, it is small and doesn't interfere at all with how I "sit" in the chair. It doesn't push my whole body forward. It simply provides nice support for the spine area.

Highly recommended!

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