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A star has been a mystical symbol for thousands of years. It is also a religious one. Stars were used by sailors to navigate by, and they guided the wise men to the baby Jesus.

Is this star a heavenly sort of star, twinkling? It could be a beacon that wants you to guide a new path. Stars guided sailors to safety. Stars foretold momentus events. The star could be telling you to wake up, to pay attention and make sure your life is going the way you want it to.

Is the star more of a 'drawn symbol' sort of shape, with five points? In Alchemy, the star would indicate the five parts of matter - air, earth, fire, water, and the soul. The star in this case could refer to the "totality" of your world, and your aim to really achieve your goals. It is a different kind of wake-up call, to make sure that the goal you are aiming for is really one that will make you happy as a person.

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