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Do numbers seem to have a special significance in your dreams? Do you always dream about 3 of an object? Were there 2 of something unusual in the background? Learn more about numbers and dreams!

The main meaning of the number 1 is usually the Best or Greatest. If you are walking down the street in your dream and everyone is smiling at you, and you see the number 1 on signs and in windows, it's a sign that you feel like #1. If you get a ticket at a deli counter and it's #1, you're next! It's a sign of doing well, of success.

The other meaning of the number 1 is of loneliness. There's a saying, "It's lonely at the top". If you see just one panda bear, all alone, looking sad, it wishes it had a companion. If you see just one car in an abandoned parking lot, it is unusual that it is all alone. If just one student is sitting in an empty classroom, the student feels out of place. Where are the other students? Should the student really be elsewhere? This would be a sign that something is missing or out of place in your world, and you need to work on that.

Two is the classic number of companionship. You have two partners who go through life together. You have a mom and daughter sharing that special day together, just the two of them. You have to best friends who can tell each other anything and share their deepest, darkest secrets.

If you are dreaming about pairs of items, look to your own relationships. Is it that you are celebrating the relationships you do have? Or is it that you long for that type of closeness and wish you could have that in your waking life?

Three is best known as a religious symbol - the father, son and holy ghost. It often stands for power and authority, like the three parts of a democratic government. Look where the trio is in your dream - is it part of your group, giving you power? Or is it part of an "enemy" situation, where you are fighting against the power?

Four is where a "group" begins. If you just have 1 or 2 people with you when you go somewhere, it is just your close friends. But when you have a party with 4 or more people, now it's a group that has group dynamics going on. This group can make you feel safe, as in a group of people going to visit a strange country. But it can also make you afraid, if a group of strangers approaches you on a dark night. You might try to reason with 2 or 3 strangers, but if it's a mob, chances are slim.

Look at this group of items. Was it a comforting group, that made you feel safe? Was it a dangerous group that made you uncomfortable?

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