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School is an incredibly powerful part of every person's life. Even people who are 50 or 60 have nightmares about schools and taking tests. What does it mean?

School is a part of every person's childhood - and it takes up pretty much their ENTIRE childhood. Many people are still in school even when they are an adult. So it's no surprise that all the traumas of school - being worried about failing a test, forgetting your homework, having other kids pick on you, being interested in a classmate - show up in your dreams.

One of the most common nightmares is that you've missed or are not prepared for homework or a test. This is a very easy way for your subconscious to say to you - YOU'RE NOT READY FOR SOMETHING! Your brain understands easily those stresses of school and can connect them to whatever stress you are going through now. Of course if you are IN school and really have a test coming up, it could just be that test. But in most cases the test / homework is a metaphor for some other event in your life that is looming, that you just haven't gotten yourself ready for.

Most of school involved paying attention and making the time to prepare for whatever the class or assignment was. These same skills are critical in real life. If your dreams start to involve schools, make sure you sit down, look at what real life is presenting you with, and making sure you are taking the time to be fully prepared for it. It's always far better to prepare beforehand vs being insanely stressed out by it when time is short!

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