Mirror and Mirrors - Dream Symbols

Mirrors are one of the most powerful dream symbols that there is. Mirrors have been used in movies and novels for years to represent looking at yourself.

Looking into a mirror - whether it's a fancy gold-framed one or a simple reflection in a pond - is all about seeing yourself. You have to take a long, hard look at what you are as a person - about the way you have been treating others around you, about the way you have been taking care of yourself.

Mirrors are about seeing yourself the way you truly are - not the way you pretend to be. It's about being completely honest with yourself about your world, and learning to accept that and deal with it.

Note that as much as mirrors represent a true soul searching, there are some out there who are so vain that they only see the outside, shallow representation of 'fleeting beauty'. If your dream involves someone being vain in front of a mirror, it is showing that they don't understand the real importance of life. All they see is the hair and face which will be aged in just a few years.

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