Kitchen and Stoves - Dream Symbols

Are you dreaming about kitchens and stoves and other kitchen situations? What do these sorts of dreams mean?

A kitchen is about nourishment, it's about something that keeps you healthy and strong. Food isn't just a luxury - it's not a diamond ring that you can choose to wear or not wear as the mood strikes you. Food is a necessity of life, it is what keeps you going each day. If you're malnourished, you can become extremely sick or even die.

So dreaming about a kitchen is dreaming about the core things that keep you alive. This isn't a dream about "being happy". It's a dream about surviving. Something is serious in your life, something that is causing an incredible drain on you. This drain is just as serious as a lack of vitamin C causing scurvy. Something is missing from your life, something is sapping your energy.

It's time to look through what is going on in your life and make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to live.

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