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Hospitals can be scary places - they are where we go when things are wrong. But a hospital is also the place that can fix things that are broken. Have you dreamed about a hospital?

People don't go to the hospital because they have a minor cut on their finger. They go to the hospital when something very serious is wrong - something needing professional help to fix. The doctors and nurses at the hospital work extremely hard, 24 hours a day, to fix those wrongs and make people right again.

If you're dreaming about a hospital, it means you sense that something is very wrong in your life - something that needs immediate attention by someone who can really help. You're not just dreaming about a tiny injury that can be fixed in the bathroom. You're dreaming about a big problem. So think about who is injured here, and who is around to worry about it and help. Who is NOT bothering to be there, or can't seem to make it to the hospital? This will give you big insight into who you are worried about, and who you think will help you in any attempts to fix it.

If this really is a big problem, it really MIGHT be time to get some professional help to fix it. This could be a counsellor, a minister, or maybe just another adult who is around to talk things through.

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