Dream Symbols - Cars

Cars are an integral part of many of our lives. What do cars mean in your dreams?

First, think for a moment about what cars mean to *you*. Your dreams are being formed in your head, so if you personally are afraid of cars and hate to drive them, cars will have a different meaning than if you're a race car driver and love the speed.

Driving on a trip
Driving is much like 'normal life' for many people. It's how you move through life, get from here to there. Think about how the trip went in your dream. Was it smooth and fun? Full of arguments? This is how you feel your life right now is going.

Getting Lost
If you dream about getting lost, it means you have concerns about the direction your life is taking. Are you worried that you don't have a plan for your future? That your future is uncertain?

Car breaking down / needing repair
Is the car having problem, getting a flat tire, running out of gas? You might think that your life is having troubles that aren't exactly under your control. Is life throwing problems at you?

Fun Driving
A dream where you're having fun driving, enjoying the ride, means your life has the same enjoyment - or hopefully soon it will! You realize that life is meant to be enjoyed, and you're looking forward to it.

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