Dream Symbols - Water

Water is a very common theme in dreams - from quiet ponds to turbulent oceans and torrential waterfalls and thunderstorms. Water is very versitile and can have many meanings, depending on the context.

Rivers and Streams
A river or stream can mean a journey, going from one stage of life to another. Rivers 'go places', and let you reach destinations. If you dream about rivers, what destination are you trying to reach? Or do you watch others go down the river, while you're "stuck" where you are?

Lakes and Ponds
A small lake or pond can be peaceful, soothing and restive. It can provide comfort and serenity. This could be a sign that you are happy with how things are going.

Thunderstorms and Rainstorms
A torrential rainstorm can indicate the washing away of the old life and destruction before starting something new. A gentle rainstorm may bring that same change with less pain and grief. Most people like the way the world looks after a rainstorm - all fresh and shiny and new.

This is often a sign of fierce passion and longing. The thundering of the water reflects the yearning in your heart. Is there something that you really want, but can't have?

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