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The sun was worshipped as a god in many cultures. It is the giant ball of flame that lights up our days. What does it mean when you dream about the sun?

The sun is a symbol of power, of energy, of strength. So look at how the sun figures in your dream.

Is it a beautifully sunny day, and you are out enjoying it - biking, hiking, basking in the sun? This means that you have power in your own life that you can use, and that by harnessing your own energy you can achieve your goals.

Is the sun a negative force in your dream? Is it beating down on you in a desert, burning your skin and eyes? Is it a blinding, setting sun while you drive, causing you not to see the road? This would indicate that the sun represents someone *else's* power - someone that you are being controlled by. You are feeling beaten down apon by this other person.

Is the sun very weak and powerless - a feeble sun on a very cloudy day? Are you at a beach shivering because the sun isn't shining down? This would indicate your own power seems weak, that you cannot control your own destiny and make your own path to happiness. Find ways to grab the reins of your life and make your own way through your world.

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