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The moon is the mystic symbol of dreams, and has been for thousands of years. What does it mean when you dream of the moon?

Is the moon full, shining light down into a darkened night? The moon is telling you to trust your instincts, to go with the goal you most want. It is shining a beacon for you to follow your dreams and to take the steps to make them happen.

Is the moon misted in clouds, being hidden from sight? It is telling you that your dreams are also obscured. You may be misled by false paths, influenced by others to make choices that are poor for you. Ignore those who would lead you down the wrong path. Think seriously for yourself about what is best for you.

Is the moon completely hidden - either by thick clouds or because it is the night of a new moon? These are the blackest of nights, the ones without any guidance as you try to make your way down the road. This means that you feel you have lost your way - that your goals are completely out of sight. It's time to sit down and take stock of your situation. Don't rely on others, don't trust in old dreams. Give serious thought to what you really want, now, out of life and how you can achieve it. Begin to take the steps now to regain your path to happiness.

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