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Just about any romantic fairy tale we grow up with ends with a wedding. Is it any wonder that weddings often are powerful symbols in dreams?

A wedding is an important "stage of life". For many, it is the point that we finally go from being a child to an adult. It is when we go from depending on others to forming a new family unit. It is where we begin to face the issues of raising children, buying houses and trusting another person completely.

If you are dreaming about a wedding, look at your own life. It might be that you actually are considering marriage and are wondering how it will affect you. or it could be that another serious life change is presenting itself to you, and the wedding symbolizes this huge change you are going through.

Is the wedding a happy one, full of love and joy? This would show your readiness to make this change, to move on with your life and mature.

Is the wedding a stressful one, full of worries and troubles? This would indicate that you're not yet ready for the change. You're happy to be without responsibility, to not deal with the stresses and issues that come with moving forward in life.

You will of course grow older and need to take on responsibility. That's a fact of life. If you plan that growth out in stages, and prepare for each stage as best you can, you'll find that a lot of the stress fades away.

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