Dream Symbols - Betrayal and Infidelity

Dreams of betrayal and infidelity are very common in troubled relationships. It's a clear sign of insecurity, that the dreamer does not feel comfortable with the trust in the relationship. Individuals who are betrayed in real life often have these sorts of dreams for months and months until they come to terms with the situation. Individuals that feel jealous of their partner, or not certain of their partner's love, can have these recurring dreams as they sort out their feelings.

These insecurities can be felt while awake as well. The person might hear more 'strange noises' at night, be worried about burglars, about the security of their home. These are all signs that the person is worried about the stability of the relationship.

If you dream about betrayals and insecurities a lot, it's time to sit down with your partner and talk these fears through. The fears are probably not only affecting your dreams, but your waking relationships as well.

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