Dream Symbols - Falling Out Teeth

If you're dreaming about your teeth falling out, what could this mean?

All children lose their teeth as they grow up, it is one of the first thing a youngster looks forward to as a sign he or she is "getting older". It was an exciting milestone that shows the child he or she is no longer a "little baby".

In the same way for dreamers, having your teeth fall out often indicates that the dreamer is facing a milestone, a point at which he or she will no longer be what came before. It might be that the dream is saying "Pay attention! This is an important milestone, an important change." Or it might be that the dream is warning you out of concern - that you're not quite ready for this big change, and should take things more slowly.

As you get older, losing teeth has quite another meaning. It is one of the changes that happens when you become a senior citizen, losing the ability to care for yourself. You loose your teeth, and now eating becomes more difficult. It may be a part of a general deterioration that leads to loss of freedom and confinement to a nursing home.

For a dreamer who has thought about these things, losing your teeth may signify a loss of control - that things are failing and you have no way of stopping them. That as much as you might wish for things to just "work well", nature has other plans and you have to learn to cope with them.

If this seems the case for you, examine the situation that bothers you and think about what parts of it you CAN control. None of us in life can ever control everything. Nature is very powerful. But there are always areas that we can make choices about - and we of course CAN choose the attitude with which we face our future.

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