Dream Symbols - Eyes

The eyes are the window to the world, and the window to the soul. It's no wonder that eyes become very potent dream symbols.

How are the eyes being affected in your dream? Are you completely unable to see? Dreams of blindness are common and show you that you are really trying to avoid something that you should be facing. What in your life do you refuse to see, which you should face and handle?

If your dream has your eyes affected somehow - either hurting you or not seeing clearly - it is again a sign that you are having difficulty thinking about and focussing on something in your life. You are perhaps only focussing on the "rosy side" of it, instead of taking a realistic view and preparing for the good AND bad in a situation. There's no need to be pessemistic - but you should know the balanced views of something before you make a decision about it.

If it's someone else in your dream that is having vision problems, it could be that they are not seeing you properly. Maybe they have a biased view of you and your worth. It might be time to sit down with them and help them learn more about the real you - and get their vision cleared up.

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