Dream Symbols - War and Bombs

With the Orange Alert and terrorist attacks, dreaming about war is a way to deal with stress that may have built up in your life that you have tried to ignore.

First, we need to realize that actually we have a much more peaceful and safe life than most of our ancestors. Think of what it was like to live during the Civil War, with your entire family in danger in their home, and relatives trying to kill you. How about World War II, where millions of people were dying and children learned to run into bomb shelters. In comparison, our world today is very safe and danger-free.

But the difference is that our modern society has 24x7 news feeds with gory detail, and we get overloaded with danger news. No matter how peaceful and quiet things are, there is always SOME spot in the world involving combat, and the news cameras zoom in on it. The exciting news stories always involve murder and death and gore, even if they have to search far and wide to get to it.

So you hear all these news reports, you worry about the minute chance of it affecting a normal person in the same way that people drive daily without fear but obsess about being the 1 out of 400 people that will die from West Nile Virus. We tend to tune out the daily, real dangers. We tend to focus and obsess over the highly unlikely but scary fears.

If you are dreaming about terrorists blowing up your home, or soldiers paratrooping into your home town, you shouldn't just dismiss the dreams. These are your subconscious trying to make you aware that your fears are really getting to you. Just ignoring your fears won't make them go away. They'll keep gnawing away at you. You have to take steps to address them and face your fears.

There are many sites on BellaOnline that deal with stress relief, relaxation and finding calm. Many have suggestions on how to deal with this sort of stress. Read through the sites and find ways to regain your center. You'll find these dreams will fade away when you do.

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