Dream Symbols - Train Wreck

In modern society trains have become relatively rare. Just what does dreaming about a train wreck mean?

First, a train isn't run by just any Joe off the street. Trains are controlled by engineers that have had a lot of education and experience managing the train. They are supposed to run on a track, not just whereever they want to. They are supposed to run on a set schedule and millions of people depend on them.

For you to dream about train wrecks means that something OUT of your control, that you should be able to rely on and trust in, has gone haywire. This isn't about you and something you should have been able to do properly. This is about someone or something else that you *Trusted* that let you down completely, in a way that had a huge impact on your life.

Train wrecks aren't about small dings that a mechanic has to fix. Train wrecks are about huge national-news issues that affect many people.

What major incident in your life is causing you trouble? What large issue, that should be reliable, has gone off kilter?

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