Dream Symbols - Loss

There are many ways that loss is shown in a dream. You can lose your wallet, lose your pet cat, or even lose your parents or children. What does it mean?

Losing an Object
You dream about losing a wallet, a car, a treasured ring or bracelet. What does it mean when you lose things that belong to you?

Losing a Pet
Pets love you unconditionally, and in return you feed them, water them and provide them with shelter. When you lose a pet, it shows you have failed in a responsibility.

Losing a Person
One of the scariest types of dreams to have involves losing a person in your life - be it your mom or dad, or loved one. What do these dreams tell you?

A Person Dying
The ultimate sign of loss is death. When someone dies, you cannot apologize for things you've done, or start over again. How does this tell you something, when you dream about it?

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