Dream Symbols - Family Fighting

One of the most immediately stressful things in your life is when your friends or family are fighting with you. Your dreams often reflect these issues.

In your dreams, are you finally standing up for yourself and saying what you really feel? This is a sign that you should find ways to make sure your needs are being heard. Remember, they can't always be MET. That is what compromise is about. But you need to be able, calmly and quietly, to explain your point of view so at least it is known.

Are your dreams about you unable to speak - either speaking so quietly that nobody hears you, or being totally mute? These are signs that you ARE trying to voice your point of view but that you feel nobody is paying any attention. You need to change how you are talking to people. If you're yelling and screaming, people will discount what you say. Instead, find a time when things are quiet and give your feelings in a calm and quiet way. Again, you can't force people to AGREE with your view. But it is important that you know they HEAR your opinions, even if they then choose to hold different opinions themselves.

Is your dream simply about you and your family or friends fighting a lot? This can show your stress with the cycle of yelling. A healthy relationship should NOT involve yelling! It disintegrates into yelling when people start to lose respect for each other. And the worse the pattern gets, the harder it is to escape. If this is your dream and your life, it's time to break the cycle NOW. It's not necessarily fair that it has to be you to break the cycle, but it is after all YOUR life. Either you take action to make your world a better one, or nobody will.

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