Dream Symbols - Falling and Flying

Falling is an incredibly common symbol in a dream. It can also come as being in a runaway car, or a runaway train. All are common ways to address stress.

When you feel stress in life, it is often because you worry about something out of your control. It concerns you, but you have no way of changing the situation. So when you dream, your mind translates this loss of control into symbols you can easily understand - falling, being in an out of control car or other vehicle. These are also situations where you are afraid, and you don't have the ability to change the course of events.

If you are having dreams about falling or being out of control, it is a sign that you should sit down and work through how you are handling your world. Sometimes people get wrapped up in worrying about things they cannot control. There are always things out of our control, and always things within our control. One of the things to learn in life is how to focus attention on those things that we can control, and to allow others to handle those things we cannot. If you can work on that thought, your dreams of falling and control loss should fade away.

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