Dream Symbols - A Person Dying

One of the worst kinds of dreams to have can involve someone dying - whether it's someone you really care for or a complete stranger. What do these dreams mean?

Dying is the ultimate sign of loss - a loss from which there is no repair. You can't apologize to the person and make things better. You can't try again to do a better job. The person is gone completely and isn't coming back.

Think about this person who dies in your dream. How is your relationship with them? Are you very happy with how things are? Or are there things you are holding back? Are there things you need to tell them? This dream is a clear symbol that you fear losing the person before SOMETHING is completed. You need to work actively on resolving that situation.

Also, think about how they die. Do they die happily in their sleep? Do they die violently in a car crash? Is it another person that kills them? The way that they are "taken from you" is also important. It indicates why you fear you may not be able to resolve your issues with them. Maybe it's that you fear another person is stealing them away. Maybe you fear that they are moving away from you and you'll never be able to say what you've wanted to say.

If it is a person that is actually dead in real life, the pain and sadness involved with their death may be replaying in your mind, as a way to handle that loss. If that's the case, think about what it is you miss the most - and find ways to address that grief. If you wish that you and your dead mother visited Ireland together, then take that trip alone, and bring along her picture. Visit churches and light candles for her, or write poetry for her as you look at the rolling meadows. She will be there with you in spirit, and together you can find a way to heal.

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