Computer Game Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Just about everybody loves computer games. Here are some great birthday cake ideas that use computer game themes to them!

First, the classics are the easiest to decorate. Start with a solid color of icing on a rectangular cake. For Pong, put in a kit-kat on one side as a paddle, a kit-kat on the other, and then an oreo for the ball going back and forth!

For space invaders, ice the rectangular cake and then lay out a field of gumdrop invaders across the top of the 'screen'. Ice the shooter at the bottom and a shot or two heading upwards, and you're set!

For a bit more fun, ice a solid, dark background and then put a small triangle in the center of the board. Make an asteroids board with white icing, drawing in shapes of various shapes and sizes.

Pitfall is experiencing a second life on current consoles. Draw a green 'ground' across the bottom of the screen, and some green leavy treetops on the top. Hang a vine down from the trees, and maybe a green spot of water for the alligator!

Great Birthday Cake Ideas

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