Bermuda Triangle - USS Cyclops

The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for gobbling up ships. In 1918, the USS Cyclops vanished without a trace, taking with it all 306 crew and passengers.

The Cyclops was originally launched on May 7, 1910. At 19,000 tons, she was a fairly large ship, and was used as a supply ship until 1917. With World War I in action, the ship was drafted and served with various tasks along the east coast. She would ferry fuel and passengers to and from various ports.

On February 16, 1918, she was down at Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Ship picked up a large load - 10,000 tons of manganese. She made a stop in Barbados from March 3-4 to give the passengers a rest and to resupply. From that point she set out again.

Unfortunately for the Cyclops, a heavy gale blew in, hitting the area just about a week later. The ship's huge load make most believe that the gale caused her to rock, the cargo shifted, and she overturned and went down.

There are claims that Navy Diver Dean Hawes spotted the wreckage, but by the time the dive team was able to return to the area, they were unable to locate the ship.

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