Parts of a Cruise Ship Glossary

A few hundred years ago, most people knew the names of ship parts. Ships were a common part of life. In modern times, many people don't know port from starboard.

Aft - the rear part of a ship
Amidships - the middle part of a ship (between the front and back)
Beam - How wide a ship is (from the left to right if you're facing the ship's front)
Berth - a bed in a cabin, also, a dock for the ship
Bow - front of the ship
Bridge - the command area where the captain steers the ship
Draft - how much of the ship is under water
Galley - kitchen area
Port - left side of the ship
Prow - the very front of the ship
Starboard - right side of the ship
Stern - rear of the ship
Tender - a small ship used to bring passengers from the ship to the land, if the ship is too big to actually dock at land

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