Cruise Ship Deck Names - NCL

Interested in deck names on ships? Here are some listings from Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Norwegian Majesty
sky deck (top)
sun deck
norway deck
viking deck
promenade deck
majesty deck
atlantic deck
biscayne deck
caribbean deck (bottom)

Norwegian Crown
horizon deck (top)
penthouse deck
riviera deck
lido deck
odyssey deck
marina deck
laguna deck
coral deck
playa deck

Norwegian Dream
sky deck 13 (top)
sports deck 12
sun deck 11
star deck 10
internaitonal deck 9
norway deck 8
promenade deck 7
atlantic deck 6
biscayne deck 5
caribbean deck 4

What this shows you is that there is no set order to what decks are called. They are really marketing tools chosen by a given cruise line. Some cruise lines do standardize their names across all their ships - but other cruise lines randomly choose different names for levels on different ships.

What really matters is what YOUR cruise ship calls their floors, so you know how to find your way around. Pre-print out deck plans for the ship you're going on, and hang them up around your home or office. That way when you go on your cruise, you are fairly familiar with your ship and how to get from place to place.

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