Boat Trip - A Gay Cruise

Boat Trip is a comedy about a pair of straight men - Cuba Gooding Jr and Horatio Sanz - who are looking for a wild time but mistakenly end up on a gay cruise.

If you're at all sensitive to gay issues, you need to be warned that this is a very "childish" comedy. The pair of men start out VERY anti-gay and are completely upset at having to be even near gay people for any length of time. There are also many stereotypes here, played for laughs. There are giant penis ice sculptures, numerous ejaculation scenes and jokes, banana scenes, you name it. This movie earned its R rating.

But that all being said, there are a number of laughs in here, and the characters do mature, at least a bit. Cuba has to be slapped in the head even at the end - but you do get a happy ending. Roger Moore plays a great older gay man and shows that he really does have a nice way with comedy.

The ship was mostly done on sound stages in Germany, but they did use an Olympia cruise ship for some of the shots. As you can see in the movies, the ships have nice sunning areas - but there's no guarantee that Swedish tanning teams will be on board!

Since some of the scenes were shot on a sound stage and some on / of the ship, this isn't a movie to really "check out the ship", but it is fun to see how the various areas of a ship are typically laid out. Just be sure you check your PC-ness at the door and accept that the first half is going to be the gay-bashing variety of laughs, until the main characters "mellow" and learn their life lesson.

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