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Sometimes it is easiest to understand something if you see it actually in motion. Here are some short MPG videos of the Roomba in action. They work best if you're on a high speed connection, but you can watch them on a dial-up if you are patient. Enjoy!

Roomba Scheduler

Turning Corners - 2.4mb
Watch how a Roomba automatically turns around when it runs into an obstacle. The front of the roomba is set on a spring, so it "presses in" when Roomba runs into something, alerting Roomba that there is a wall or something there. Note that now that we've had Roomba for a while, it rarely runs into things. Roomba has figured out the room layout and is good about cleaning the rooms without a lot of contact with any wall or other item.

Spot Cleaning - 3.5mb
When a Roomba runs over a place that seems dirty, it goes into Spot Cleaning mode. A blue light lights up on its dashboard, and it spins in a circle until it gets all of the dirt up. Here is a short demonstration of the Roomba doing a spot cleaning on a light spot of dirt.

Starting Up - 4.4mb
When the Roomba starts up to do its cleaning job, it sings a little "I'm awake!" song, backs up and then begins its cleaning. Here's a video showing all of that, including its happy little song.

Shutting Down - 3.8mb
When the Roomba is done cleaning, it automatically returns back home to its base to charge up. When it does this, it sings a little "I'm done for the day!" song. Here's the video of this happening.

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