Osmo Roomba Updates

A Roomba is a robot with software, and sometimes that software needs updating. The Roomba people do that with a device called an "OSMO". If your Roomba is acting sick, they can mail this OSMO to you - you stick it into your Roomba for 2 minutes - and it updates its software. You then mail the OSMO back in the prepaid envelope they provide.

We did this operation to our two Roombas in October 2006 to try to fix an issue with the wheels.

Roomba Osmo

Roomba Osmo

Roomba Osmo

You pop off the small cover, plug in the Osmo and just let it sit for 2 minutes. When it's done, you're all set!

If you have a Roomba and haven't asked for an Osmo yet, it might be worth doing this. It might help your Roomba run better than before.

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