Budget Decorating with Words

I love this style of decorating. Your room goes from boring to meaningful just by painting your favorite quote over the archway of the door. Now it is completely your own room, your own message!

You see this all the time in movies, at libraries, in schools, and in other locations. Words that you see often tend to resonate in your mind. It's important to choose your quotes wisely!

What will you say? In the kitchen will it be a reminder about daily bread? Will it be a lighthearted comment to drink more wine?

How about in the living room? Will it be a witty reminder to read more books? Or will it be inspirational, prodding you to slow down and appreciate life a bit more?

The bedroom is where you end every evening, where you begin every morning. A quote there can help you recenter yourself, refocus on your goals, your priorities, your health. If you want a secret quote that has special meaning to you, write it in glow-in-the-dark paint. That way only people who are in there at night in the dark will see what it says!

Give a lot of thought to what you want your quotes to say - but don't obsess about it either! Remember, if you change your mind and want a new quote, all you do is paint over the old one and start again!

They have many different styles of lettering stencils out there so sort through them and choose one that suits you. You can of course do it freehand if you'd like, if you have a steady hand. Maybe you have a friend whose penmanship you admire and you could ask them to help out!

You can also get stick-on letters which make it even easier, just peel and place! You might want to do light pencil guidelines first so they end up in a straight line.

Then sit back and enjoy! See what conversations spark from your quote choices! One fun thing to do is to display a classic quote - but don't indicate where the quote came from. See how many people can guess who said the words!

Budget Decor Tips

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