Smoking Harms Breast Health, Breast Size and Shape

Breasts are simply skin with fat layers inside them. Anything that harms your skin and fat is going to show up quite clearly in the appearance of your breasts. Smoking is a key culprit in damaging the appearance and health of breast tissue!

Both the cigarette smoke you inhale and the tar contained in the cigarette damage the way the body processes oxygen and other nutrients. Because of this "blockage" they create, vital minerals and vitamins do not find their way to your skin. First off, this causes your breasts to look dull and dry, because the vitamins used to replenish the skin are not getting to your breasts. Next, free radicals form in your body, which actually cause the elasticity of your skin and the integrity of the collegen layers to be compromised.

Think of it as a pair of sweats with an elastic waistband. The sweats look great as long as that elastic waistband is springy. But if you damage the elastic so it becomes dry and cracked, it no longer springs back into shape. It pulls out, becomes deformed and no longer looks nice at all. These are your breasts we're talking about!

Not only will your breasts become saggy, but the skin will also wrinkle as a result. The once smooth skin will become puckered and old looking.

So if you are smoking and are female - it's time to quit! There are so many other nasty things that cigarettes are doing to you, and destroying your breasts is just one of them.

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