Celebrities with an A Cup - Larger Breasts the Natural Way

It's easy to look at movie and TV celebrities and think they all have gigantic, inflatable breasts. But actually, many celebrities have A cup sized breasts - they just know how to dress to look beautiful overall! Take a look at some of these celebrities, and realize that even though they COULD easily pay for implants, they have chosen not to. They think they look gorgeous just the way they are. The rest of the world agrees!

icon Shelley Hack - 34A
Shelley Hack was one of the original Charlie's Angels! She could be incredibly elegant but also quite on top of things.

icon Goldie Hawn - 34A
Goldie Hawn was the golden girl of the 60s and 70s, with her lovely blonde hair and her big, engaging smile. She was always out to have some fun, and her playful attitude caught the hearts of many.

icon Audrey Hepburn - 34A
Audrey Hepburn was a goddess of grace, style and charm. She won over the hearts of millions in her many movies, especially Breakfast at Tiffanies.

icon Grace Kelly - 34A
Grace Kelly was a fantastic actress - and caught the heart of the Prince of Monaco! A true classic princess tale. She was adored by her people, and adored by her movie fans as well.

icon Keira Knightly - 32A
Keira Knightly is absolutely beautiful. When we think of her, we think of honor, strength, spunk, beauty, and loyalty. Whether she's swashbuckling with pirates, catching the hearts of kings, or standing up to handsome noblemen, she is a woman of allure.

icon Ali MacGraw - 34A
Ali MacGraw was the heroine in the Love Story movie, where she played a smart female lawyer student who falls in love with a rich classmate. She's not got a lot of money, but her intelligence and spunk win ofer his heart and the hearts of moviegoers around the world.

icon Kate Moss - 32A
Kate Moss was a highly paid model for many, many years. Her slim, trim physique became sought after by many.

icon Jackie Kennedy Onassis - 36A
The wife of John F. Kennedy was praised for her stylish legacy. She defined fashion for the years she was in the White House.

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