Great Bread Machine Recipes

We have many friends with bread machines, and use our own a fair amount. This is a book we all agree on, regardless of which kind of machine we use.

The opening section has information on types of bread machines and conversion tables to figure out how to adjust a recipe, if you need to. This makes the book useful regardless of which machine you use. It also lists various problems people tend to have when using bread machines, and lists ways to fix each one.

The recipes are delicious! My copy of the book has a permanent crease on the Italian Bread recipe, which I make all the time. It lists a nutritional analysis for each recipe, so you know exactly how many calories, sodium, fat, etc. are in the bread. There are cheese breads, herb breads, oat breads, sourdough, you name it.

If you're looking into a bread machine, or have one already, be sure to get this book!

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