Vet Database

I’ve created a new veterinarian database for all of us pet lovers to share information about the doctors who take care of our cats, dogs, birds and other animal friends! Please add your listings here. This way if people still need help with the pet food recall, or have other emergencies, they’ll know where to turn.
“”Online Vet Database

IMPORTANT – Huge Pet Food Recall

The maker of Nutro Natural Choice, Iams, and MANY other food products for cats and dog has announced a recall – apparently the food is causing kidney failure and death for many pets!

If you have a cat or dog, PLEASE check all your food to make sure it’s not included! We feed our cats both Iams wet food (pouch) and Nutro Natural Choice and BOTH are on their recall list. We’re going to go to our local pet store tomorrow to ask them what to do.

“″Pet Food Recall Information