Juliet the Cat and her UTI

A Julie update.

The vet called the next day to check on her, which was good of them. Bob talked to the vet about the pill-based antibiotic and the vet said the liquid one is both harder to manage (has to be refrigerated etc) and also costs $20 more. At this point Julie is gulping down the pill without much fuss so it’s probably just as well we went the pill route. We don’t even coat them in butter any more.

While she was on the Kitty-morphine she had pretty much zero appetite. She barely ate anything. She barely moved. Just a few hours after the kitty-morphine wore off, she was alert and hungry. So she’s back to eating and drinking at a normal rate, which is great. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all.

It’s a huge help to our schedules to have her now just on the twice-a-day antibiotics. I actually slept a full sleep cycle for the first time in nearly a week last night. So I’m no longer a zombie. We’re all happy she’s feeling better :).

We will of course keep the antibiotics going until they are fully done, to ensure she stays healed. And we’ll leave her on the Science Diet 11+ going forward, along with her wet food. She mostly prefers the wet food but occasionally takes a nibble on the Science Diet.

Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes along the way! I’m very glad it all seems to have resolved. Let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully my notes can help others who might face this issue in the future.

Cats and Urinary Tract Infections

Our 11 yr old kitty, Juliet, has spent the day struggling with a urinary tract infection. We had to scramble to find a vet who was open, get her examined, and then manage to get her to swallow the pain meds and antibiotics. She’s hiding upstairs now. Now begins the 2 week regimen that she won’t be fond of. But hopefully at least after a few days the pain will go away.

We are fairly attentive about the food we feed her and she’s been quite good on a menu of Science Diet (dry) 11+ cat food, daily wet food, and fountain water. I understand that wet food is important for digestive reasons. I also understand that some dry food is important for dental health. So we try to provide that pairing.

What happened was the pet store ran out of the Science Diet 11+ when we ran out of food, so we grabbed some Science Diet 7-10 as a stopgap. She then got the infection. So it’s important to maintain that level of food that matches their needs.

For those who have not had a cat with a bladder / urinary tract infection before, here were the symptoms:

* mrowling in pain
* licking their privates more often
* making small pee spots all over
* a bit of pinkish tint to those spots

Apparently a cat’s UTI is extremely painful so it’s important to take them right in for the treatment to start and to get pain meds.

Some sites say Vitamin C helps – but many others indicate it either doesn’t make a difference or it can cause issues. And it won’t help with the substantial pain. So I’d definitely go to a vet vs trying to fix it on your own. Also, it could be something more serious, so a vet should check that out.