Flash Fiction Contests 2021

Do you enjoy writing short short stories? Moments in time? Be sure to check out these Flash Fiction contests. These are all FREE TO ENTER. Get those fingers ready, hone your brain, and see what you can create!

FiftyWordStories.com / 50

You can only submit one story per month, 50 words, always on days 1-15 in a month. You can’t resubmit a story. Top story per month wins $10 Canadian and others get featured.

FiftyWord Stories

Press53.com / 53

Once a month they supply a prompt; you need to get your entry in by the 15th. If you’re chosen, you get a free book.

Press 53 Flash Fiction Challenge

Third-Word.com / 80

This project is for a wonderful charity cause. Your stories must be exactly 80 words. Sales support the homeless. There is no deadline; you can submit as many pieces as you wish.

Third-Word.com Flash Fiction

CarrotRanch.com / 99

Every week there is a 99-word challenge topic. You need to write exactly 99 words! I’ve entered this several times. It’s great fun seeing how everyone tackles the topic. There’s no prize here – all entries are collected together and presented in an online blog post.

Carrot Ranch 99 Word Challenge

Voice.club / 100 max or 350 max

This site regularly posts themed contests in ranges of 100-words max or 350-words max. You need a Google account in order to sign in – it connects to your Google account to manage its users. It uses your name and photo from that Google account. Membership to submit to their contests is a “Patron” PayPal payment of $3/month.

101Words.org / 101

Yup, exactly 101 words. You can submit one story per month. The story can’t be anywhere else on the web. It must be unique to 101Words.org in terms of web presence. They’ll pay $10 if you’re chosen for their anthology.

101Words.org Flash Fiction Challenge

BrevityMag.com / under 750, non-fiction

This is a paying magazine that pays you $45 if they accept your story. The cost is $3 to be considered. Read an issue or two online before you submit, so you can see the type of story they’re looking for. It seems to be about quarterly.

Brevity Non-Fiction Short Essays

FlashFictionMagazine.com / 300-1000 words

They do NOT want your content anywhere else online. It needs to be unique to their site. They pay $40 if your work gets published in their magazine. You can enter one story per month.

FlashFictionMagazine short short stories

* * *

Currently Not Live

Shady Grove Literary / under 300

Shady Grove hasn’t updated their blog since June 2020. I’ve written them to find out their status.

Sweek.com / 250 max

Sweek also has not updated their site in at least a year. They seem to have gone inactive.

Lisa Shea and Bob See

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Bob See – 25 amazing years of delving into Hawaii’s lava tubes and climbing Alaska’s glaciers. Motorcycling Skyline Drive, Mount Washington, and Canada. Exploring Europe. Trekking across Ireland. And of course dancing to amazing music! Thank you for enthusiastically helping me with whatever ideas I think up, whether they’re book concepts, photography setups, burning watercolors, or building 3D sculptures!!

Here’s to 25 more!