Three of Rods

I drew a great card for myself, of ongoing success. Hurrah! Let me know if you’d like me to draw a card for you.

Here’s mine – Three of Rods

Traditional meaning: 
You’ve made your plans and are now working through them. Your path is solid so far. You are able to look even further into the future. To think about additional opportunities.

You need to be ready to accept changes as part of this. Risk, too. But the path is strong beneath your feet.

This is a card of success, often coming after a period of difficulty.

The card also represents that external help may be offered. If so, consider accepting it. We all help each other out.

My Interpretation:

The first things to catch my eye are the three rods. They look strong. Steady. Almost phallic with energy. They have beautiful flowers on their top, representing both beauty and strength.

However, the character doesn’t seem to see them. The person looks between them. The person doesn’t see the strength that is all around.

Our main character’s back is turned to the viewer. While they are wearing armor on his head and shoulders, the entire back is practically bare. It’s almost as if they are inviting an attack from behind.

The character gazes out into the blankness of space, not looking at anything. The scene in that direction is completely white.

To me this is a card reminding us to be aware. To be attentive. To think about what we have already – and to plan for what is to come. To watch for those challenges and dangers.

Still, the character has strength. They have on armor. They are in a position of protection. They just need to do a bit more research. Become a bit more aware.

Earth Overshoot Day 2019

Today is officially Earth Overshoot Day for 2019.

That means, as of July 29th, we’ve already used up all the resources for 2019 that the Earth can renew.

We are using our planet’s resources faster than it can heal / refresh them – and it’s only getting worse.

We don’t have a Planet B to fall back on.

Oxendine Series

Evening meditation time. I’ve had a lot of requests to finish book 4 in my Oxendine series, based on my ancestors who were black-Lumbee-Irish. I’d been hesitating since I don’t know what really happened to Naomi’s first boyfriend, and I wanted to be accurate, but I just have to plow ahead. In fiction, one has to do the best they can.

I respect all she endured in her life. Each of us can find that strength within us.


Deer Ticks and Doxycycline

I found a fully fed deer tick behind my knee this morning. Bob pulled it off but it managed to escape, so I couldn’t send it in for testing. I did go in to the clinic to get Doxycycline which should prevent Lyme disease.

If you don’t know about tick testing, I highly recommend it. You just send them the tick in a Ziplock and in 3 days they email you a full report about any diseases that tick carries.

Watch out for ticks! Lyme disease isn’t any fun.

I wore my Wicked Good Books t-shirt for good luck so I’m invincible 🙂

The doctor who treated me told me that, just that very day, her own son had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. They never even saw the tick. Now they have to deal with Lyme as an established illness in his body. She was really interested in my experiences with the UMass-Amherst program that tests and reports on ticks. Here’s info on Lyme and doxycycline.

A friend warned me about another issues which ticks can carry, which relate to red meat consumption –

Here’s information about ticks in general –

ArtisticChecks Not Working

In December 2016 I ordered photo checks from, with my photo of Manchaug Falls.

Somehow pens NEVER write consistently on these checks. They always skip and miss sections. I’ve tried every type of pen imaginable. I kept blaming the pen.

Clearly it’s the checks.

It’s taken until now for me to get so frustrated that I’m ordering new ones from Bradford.

Do you do that? Keep struggling with something rather than just replace it?

Why do we do this to ourselves? 🙂

Lisa Signing in Salem

I had a 3-hour book signing in the Salem bookstore Wicked Good Books this past Sunday, June 23rd, 2019. Thank you to Samantha for keeping me company all day and Lynn R for coming out to meet me for dinner – that was delightful! Here’s how it went.

First, the Wicked Good Books location is just about perfect for my Black Cat series. My series is set in Salem and is about a detective solving mysteries. This bookstore continually sells out of my book. So that is one key in working with a bookstore. If you can find that kind of exact match, it does well for both of you. It makes the bookstore happy and you, the author, happy.

Because I am one of their featured authors, they gave me the opportunity to sit in front of their store for a few hours to promote my books. This section of Salem is a pedestrian-only zone. People come out to stroll, window shop, walk their dogs, and enjoy the sunshine. It was perfect weather for a Sunday. So this provides the “built in foot traffic” requirement for a good author signing. People were absolutely out walking around.

Also, with me sitting in front of a bookstore, clearly people near here were interested in books. Probably they were interested in books about Salem. Were they all interested in short mysteries? Probably not, but that’s OK. Enough people would be that it would work out all right.

The bookstore had sold out of my books again in early June so really I was just bringing in another batch of 20 books for them to sell. I didn’t want to sell all 20 on the street because then I’d have to drive in yet again with more books for them to sell. I suppose I could mail my signed books to them, but postage is fairly expensive, and my books are heavy, so it makes sense for me to drive them in. So my vague target was 5 books. That way I’d hand-sign some books for visitors to build that connection. I’d still leave enough books in the shop for them to have them available during their busy summer season. I’d have to drive some out anyway again before they got into the late summer. I don’t mind driving in warmer weather when it’s light out.

I ended up selling six books to fans, which was just right. I also had an herbalist shop owner ask me for three books to put in her shop a few blocks away. That means I’m now represented in two different Salem shops. So I got additional placement simply for being there.

On the downside, it means I only got 11 books into the bookstore itself and they’ll need more again soon. So I’ll have to coordinate that. It takes a full day of time for me to drive out, visit a while, and drive home again. I tend to be extremely busy to I can’t do that very often. So that’s something to balance out.

Still, overall, the keys were this:

* Bookstore was perfectly targeted for my content. Note I don’t have ANY of my other books in this store. It’s not worth it. They wouldn’t sell as well. Find those bookstores which are a perfect match for your book and focus on them.

* I did a ton of promotion leading up to this event. Even if people weren’t coming out to buy my book there, they were buying it online. Use any event as an opportunity to blitz publicity in a way that feels supportive rather than promotional.

* Weather was perfect. Pray to the weather gods.

* I forgot my phone in the car. Usually I would be tweeting and posting the entire time to drum up traffic. While I did miss doing that, it meant I was 100% engaged with any visitor who came by. I admit by the end of the day I was happy to sit back and see if people wanted to come to me. I really didn’t want to sell any more books direct, because it would mean fewer books for the store longer term. But in general, don’t stare at your phone. Don’t talk to a friend. Be there and available to visitors. Look interested in talking.

Ask with any questions!

Wicked Good Books –

Black Cat series –