Do Not Complain Project

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 2 –

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Do Not Complain project. In general I have gotten much more aware about when I start to feel cranky. I can take a deep breath and a step back. I find that helps immensely. I can put issues into perspective and find a way to deal with the issue in a constructive manner.

There are of course still times that I fail to watch for the approach of crankiness, and fall over the edge into crankiness :). I still strive not to take it out on others, but there are times that it leaks out.

I find my photo-a-day project helps a lot. It keeps me aware of the beauty all around us and how each day is precious. Working on projects with daily progress helps too. I always have a sense that at least something is moving forward, even if other things are facing hurdles.

How are you guys doing in this new year?

Do Not Complain Project

Reboot 23 Day 6 –

This most recent reboot was caused by a combination of the kitchen mess and me being quite hungry. I find that when I’m hungry I’m less able to cope with other stress. So it’s a good reminder to me to eat regular, small, healthy meals and snacks. That keeps me on an even keel.

So far today is going smoothly. Oodles of things to do, but I am moving through them one step at a time. Sangria always helps too :).

No Complain Project

Reboot 20 Day 2 –

I do still hit hiccups, and they are informative, to help me review my life and what my “triggers” are. So I did hit a hiccup last night, and it began with the quite messy state of the house, me tripping over something that has been in the kitchen for at least a month, and being grumpy about it.

Clearly, having a mess everywhere impacts my serenity. So I need to take more proactive action to get this mess cleaned up and put away.

No Complain Project – Reboot 17

OK I made it to 15 days before complaining, so that isn’t too bad! That means I am now on Reboot 17, Day 2. Yesterday was just SO hot, and I knew I was tired and cranky. And then my FTP software wasn’t working, and I was worn down and frustrated. So I complained about it. So lesson to self – when it’s hot, drink more ice water! And turn on the fan. Life gets so much better ๐Ÿ™‚ Really, the FTP issue wasn’t a huge deal. Bob gave me a hand, it got fixed, and life went on!

No Complain project

This No Complain project is helping me immensely. I have become much more aware of when I start to feel a little unhappy / cranky and to figure out why. Often I’m either dehydrated or my blood sugar levels are low. When I address that, I feel better again.

Looking back over my times I complained, it was usually because I was “out of sorts” to begin with and then snapped when something happened in life. When I’m feeling all right, I handle those hurdles with much more grace.

Today I’m at No Complain Project Reboot 15, Day 14. So I’m nearly half-way through the 30 day goal!