Virtual Tour of Ireland

To get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day, I have two sets of photos from the two trips I took to Ireland! Page through and relish a virtual visit to Ireland!

“”Ireland 1997 Photos
“”Ireland 2001 Photos

If you’re over 21, here’s a set of Bailey’s cocktails including a layered one which looks exactly like the Irish flag!
“”Bailey’s Cocktail Recipes

Online Literary Magazines

Many people write me to ask how to self publish. I have tons of pages on my site about self publishing, and I have just added an entirely new section on Online Literary Magazines. This is a great way to get your own poems, short stories and artwork published, as well as promoting artists who share similar interests! Take a look through my list of online literary magazines, and learn about how to start your own!

“”Online Literary Magazines

Badge of Honor – a medieval romance

My very first self published romance novel is ready! I do not make any money from the sales of this book – I have it set to the base printing price. I am testing out how self publishing works and how to get books listed in Amazon. If you have any questions – or would like a signed copy – be sure to contact me!

“″Badge of Honor at

Origami Folding Instructions Video DVD

Have you always wanted to learn how to fold origami? Would you like to make a bouquet of lily or iris for your loved one? How about crane ornaments for a Christmas tree? Origami is an inexpensive way to beautify every room of your home with color-matching works of art. With my instructional DVD, you can watch on your TV or computer as I lead you step by step through a collection of 17 different traditional origami shapes.

“”Origami Folding Instructions Video DVD