Online Art Gallery

The perfect way to reduce stress, revitalize your creativity and rekindle your passions! Come spend a few minutes visiting my online art gallery. Here I showcase some of the best talents on the web, allowing you to virtually wend your way from painting to painting. Zero carbon load, and oh so much fun!

“”Lisa’s Online Art Gallery

Virtual Tour of Ireland

To get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day, I have two sets of photos from the two trips I took to Ireland! Page through and relish a virtual visit to Ireland!

“”Ireland 1997 Photos
“”Ireland 2001 Photos

If you’re over 21, here’s a set of Bailey’s cocktails including a layered one which looks exactly like the Irish flag!
“”Bailey’s Cocktail Recipes

Online Literary Magazines

Many people write me to ask how to self publish. I have tons of pages on my site about self publishing, and I have just added an entirely new section on Online Literary Magazines. This is a great way to get your own poems, short stories and artwork published, as well as promoting artists who share similar interests! Take a look through my list of online literary magazines, and learn about how to start your own!

“”Online Literary Magazines