Vet Database

I’ve created a new veterinarian database for all of us pet lovers to share information about the doctors who take care of our cats, dogs, birds and other animal friends! Please add your listings here. This way if people still need help with the pet food recall, or have other emergencies, they’ll know where to turn.
“”Online Vet Database

New Irish Photos

I’ve loaded up a bunch of my favorite Irish photos on my book website –

“”Ireland Photo Album

Enjoy a glimpse of the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna that populate this jewelled isle! I’ll try to load in more photos as I get time to scan them. I took that trip back when I still had a film camera đŸ™‚

— Lisa

IMPORTANT – Huge Pet Food Recall

The maker of Nutro Natural Choice, Iams, and MANY other food products for cats and dog has announced a recall – apparently the food is causing kidney failure and death for many pets!

If you have a cat or dog, PLEASE check all your food to make sure it’s not included! We feed our cats both Iams wet food (pouch) and Nutro Natural Choice and BOTH are on their recall list. We’re going to go to our local pet store tomorrow to ask them what to do.

“″Pet Food Recall Information

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a day for everyone to drink Irish beer, to eat corned beef & cabbage, and to celebrate the great traditions of the Celts and Irish!

What are some flowers to decorate your Irish-themed event with? Roses are always romantic and popular – think of “My Wild Irish Rose”! Foxglove represents youth and innocence. The Bells of Ireland are lucky flowers, for starting new projects. Heather is not only very traditional in Ireland – but different colors have different meanings! Pink is for luck, purple is for admiration, and white is for safety.

Be sure to avoid lilacs and apple blossoms! Both are thought to be unlucky in Irish culture.

For a full table of contents and details on my Irish romance book, visit my “”Irish Weddings and Courtships Homepage .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the day to let those who you love know it! Call up your family and friends. Let them know how much you care for them. If you’ve got a partner, snuggle up. If you don’t, hang out with friends or pamper yourself for the evening! I’ve finally finished watching all Native American movies Netflix had to offer. Now it’s time to finish revising my book on Native American romantic traditions!

Weddings & Courtships Launch Through Valentine’s Day

What do they say about the best laid plans of mice and writers? I began sending all of my launch day messages with our great promotion offers on January 23rd – and we overwhelmed our mail servers so badly that many people still haven’t gotten their offer yet! We definitely want people to be able to use the offer once they get the email; it would seem unfair for them to get the offer after it has expired already.

So, to make things fair for everyone, we’re going to extend our discount offers through Valentine’s Day. Our mail servers are chugging along slowly but surely through all of the mailing lists, and that should give them ample time to get the word out to everybody. I also got a lot of auto responses from people saying “I’m on vacation in Bermuda!” so this will help account for all of the escape-the-snow readers who are enjoying sunnier climes đŸ™‚

So remember, the list of our fantastic discounts for massage oils, romantic travel planning, gorgeous floral journals and much more can be found here –

“”Weddings & Courtships Launch Offer Discounts

As the Italian say –
Amor nuovo va e viene, amore vecchio si mantiene
New love comes and goes, while long term love is steady

Weddings and Courtships Books Launch!!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to infuse some romance into your world! Lisa Shea’s own Weddings and Courtships books are being launched on Tuesday, January 23rd and Wednesday, January 24! As part of this launch celebration, we’re having an Amazon special. If you place your order for any of the three books on the 23rd and 24th, you can take part in ALL special offers listed below! This could easily equal hundreds of dollars in discounts. Be sure to check these websites out – all are well known friends of Lisa, and she enthusiastically endorses their wares! These women are hand making each item they offer with great skill and talent.

“”Weddings and Courtships Launch Offer