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Tips for Building Twitter Followers

How to Build a Twitter Audience Quickly

You might recall that last weekend I set up a new HorrorRTG twitter account to supplement the existing HorrorRetweet one. In just a week it’s already up to 125 followers and nearly all are horror people. That’ll be 6,500 a year and that doesn’t take into account that accounts grow more quickly once they get larger.

Here’s how I did that.

START SLOW. If you start too quickly, Twitter will think you’re a spammer. So as much as you might be excited, in the beginning days of a new account, start slowly.

Each day, search on a hashtag related to your genre. In this case, #horror. I sorted posts by LATEST (not most popular). For the 10 most recent posts that made sense, I retweeted them, liked them, and followed the person. Nearly every single person then immediately followed me back, since they saw I was also a person in their genre. Because I sorted by most recent posts, I knew it was likely they were still online to see my action.

Each day I also made a post of my own, making sure to use a catchy short description, three hashtags relating to my topic area, and an image. Images in Twitter are always horizontal. Ideally they are 1024×512. Those then get seen and retweeted by others, which helps me get found.

This type of basic activity should take maybe 10 minutes at the most, and it adds up very quickly. If you have a folder on your hard drive where you save your images along with a text file with your commonly posted text, you can just cut and paste them, maybe making a small tweak before putting it live.

I just today began a new RomanticRTG Twitter account and I expect by next week to have over 100 followers. So it builds that quickly if you just put in a tiny bit of time each day.

Ask with any questions!

Romantic Suspense Retweet Group

Romantic Suspense

Attention Romantic Suspense authors and readers! I have created a new website, Twitter page, Facebook page, and Facebook group to promote all this romantic suspense. Here is the main webpage which describes how this all works.

If you’re a Romantic Suspense author, please join the retweet group.

For fans, follow the Facebook page and Twitter page! Share the news!

The Sidewalk Romantic Short Story

The Sidewalk – Romantic Short Story

Left Right Center?

Contemporary romantic short story featuring a single mom and young daughter drawing on their sidewalk. I want an image that conveys romance, rather than actually showing a sidewalk. Feel free to mix and match layouts and fonts.

Let me know if you’d like to read it, it’s only 1500 words – it’s destined for an anthology 🙂.

Corona Typewriter

Love-Themed Compilation Opportunity

You know how my Sutton Writing Group creates a compilation every December, where we all write short stories, essays, and poems on a theme? Well, there’s a publisher in the UK called “Fox Spirit” who is working on doing a similar compilation.

Their theme is “Love”.

You might think it’s mushy – but they say:

“We are a genre anthology – fantasy, horror, science fiction and everything inside and around those. We encourage experimentation, poetry, drabbles, flash, short stories. Whatever. We are setting a word limit of up to 3500 words. Get to the point and make it happen!”

So you can definitely take a twisty approach to this.

They also say:

“This anthology initially called for romantic love, but we recognize this is not everyone’s experience and would also like to include aromantic love. Please note, we do not want stories of familiar or parental love, how much we love our pets (we do, but not for this book) or similar. We are looking for stories that carry the spark of love, the feeling that can make life seem worthwhile, that can be as simple as a sprinkle of sugar or that gives us meaning and drives us on even when all hope seems lost.. The ending might be bleak (although we don’t mind a happy ending, not one bit!) but the motive is the key. As much as we enjoy them, we’re not looking for erotic trysts or hefty old clichés (unless you’re spinning them); we want to hear stories about love as a force of nature, whether it be a full-blown storm or a breath of fresh air… or maybe even a fetid stench!”

So if you’re not into sappy love, that is great. This publisher is looking for new takes on the theme.

They only ask for exclusivity for 12 months. One year. So you give them the story, they publish it and promote it, and then a year later you can do whatever you want with it from that point forward. They will take reprints, but they prefer things which haven’t been published elsewhere. Still, you can submit multiple pieces, so if you have a reprint or two that would qualify, I say send it along.

In essence this is FREE powerful marketing for you, and heck, you might get paid some money, too. It’s a great way to hook a new group of readers on your style so they then seek out your other stories.

IMPORTANT NOTES: They are British so they want SINGLE QUOTES around dialogue, not double quotes. So swap those out. Also, they want 1.5 line spacing in your document. Ask if you need help figuring either or both of those out.

I definitely recommend giving it a try! Good luck! Use this link:

Jane Nozzolillo Author

Jane Nozzolillo

So so happy! My dear friend Jane Nozzolillo just turned 97 and needed help with her latest children’s book. Bob went to the Grafton Historical Society to take all the photos. I just finished the layout and artwork.

It’s nearly done!!

Jane has been waiting for this for several months, and I’m so glad it is closing in on completion! Jane is an inspiration to us all! :). I hope when I am 97 that I am as creative and energetic as she is :).

What are you up to today?