Sutton Massachusetts Mysteries

I just wrote an article for a client on Fiverr about the power of meditation for goal setting. It’s so true. A more focused mind means more progress on your goals. My goal for December is to write, a chapter a day, book 8 in my Sutton Mystery Series. Where is book 7, you ask? Not yet finished.

I’ll try to squeeze that in. But I have to get book 8 done in December as I want to write one each year and I’m out of months for 2019 :).

What is your goal for December?

1917 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter

Woo hoo! Today I bought a 1917 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter from the Firefly Art Gallery in Uxbridge MA! I am so thrilled. I grew up typing on a typewriter, and even took typing class in high school on an electric typewriter. I love the way the keys sound.

I want to create a “31 Days of …” series for the month of December. That gives me just one day to strategize. What should this series be on? Each day I can post a photo of the typewriter with a message in it. It could be lots of fun! Plus I can swap out the items in my “altar of writing” each day, too.

Any ideas? Let me know!

Here’s a gallery of photos of this typewriter. Ask with any questions!

Giving Thanks!

Today I am incredibly grateful for my boyfriend Bob. We had gone to see my Dad and Anne (and puppy!) for noon Thanksgiving lunch. We got home probably 3pm. I went right to work updating my BellaOnline server so the secure server part worked better.

I managed to get the ENTIRE SITE to shut down, publicly proclaiming it was hacked, by mistakenly revoking the certificate.

I struggled for hours to fix it and made absolutely no headway.

Bob came down, patiently sat at my computer to figure it out, and POOF it’s working again. I was completely stuck.

I Love My Bob!!!!! And he cooks! No, you can’t have him :). Go find your own!

Tulips and Chimneys

Remember I did a big push on Jan 1 2019 to republish several out of copyright poetry books? I wanted to report that those are going well.

My top seller is Tulips and Chimneys by E. E. Cummings. Apparently people really enjoy his free spirited approach to poetry and life.

It was fun to work on that project, although really hard to look for formatting issues! 

Do you enjoy E. E. Cummings?

Server Move 1 Complete

Hurrah! Hurrah! These last two weeks have been fairly non-stop chaos, and these last two days were worse, but I think it’s done! I think **ALL** my sites (except BellaOnline) are now on the new server. With WordPress blogs and UBB forums running.

I just moved the MailEnable mail server to handle all the email. It all seems to be working! Hurrah!

That means I can prepare for the biggest task of all – moving BellaOnline onto its own server.