Confess Fletch Artwork - Art Paintings Featured in the Confess, Fletch Movie

I love art of all styles. I also enjoy the Fletch movie series. When I saw that the 2022 version of Confess, Fletch was going to feature art throughout, I was thrilled!

The core of Confess, Fletch is that someone has stolen art from a rich Italian man. Also, the man was kidnapped and the kidnapper is demanding a Picasso as payment. Fletch is brought in to find the missing artwork and bring the Italian man home safely.

There is a WEALTH of beautiful (reproduction) artwork featured in this movie. We have art from Picasso, Monet, Klee, Warhol, and many, many others. It’s amusing how the world-famous art just ‘pops up’ in the background of scenes.

Even the premise of why Fletch is in Boston is amusing. He claims to be there to research for the biography of a fictional Western cowboy artist Edgar Arthur Tharp Junior. He digs at the detective for preferring Remington. Fletch sneers, “You would”.

All in all, a quite delightful art-related movie!

Let me know your thoughts!

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