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I am absolutely stunned that this is still a problem in 2022. I use my BestBuy card quite regularly for a variety of purchases. I then have to HAND ENTER every single row of data into QuickBooks, because BestBuy Citibank does not have a Quicken or QuickBooks export option from their system.

The only options they support for export are:

PDF – not useful for anything at all

Spreadsheet / XLS – would need substantial conversion

CSV – a comma separated value file, even worse

Tab Delimited – are we in the 1990s?

Custom Delimited – not really any better than tab delimited

It is pretty jaw-dropping that any credit card in modern times still cannot export to any normal financial software format. Every other credit card that I use provides at least one standard financial software export option.

It’s even worse than that, though. If you look back more than six months, the ONLY export option available is a PDF file. So even if you created an import system that worked with the XLS or CSV types of files, it would only work for your last six months of data. The information before that would have to be hand typed in line by line. And the online system only shows 2 years worth of data.

Best Buy / Citibank absolutely needs to update their systems to provide modern functionality.

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