QuickBooks 2022 is Atrocious

I have used QuickBooks for over a decade, and all my historical data is in the QuickBooks system. Despite the immense hassle involved with changing systems I am absolutely going transition away from QuickBooks. This latest 2022 iteration is absolutely atrocious.

First, the customer service at QuickBooks is mind-bogglingly bad. One time with this new 2022 version I called with issues with logging in. They told me it was because my email address (associated with my company URL) was “non-standard” and I should use a “normal” one like Gmail or Hotmail. What?? Another time I called, he couldn’t answer my questions, said no manager was available to help, and then asked to put me on hold for a half hour in essence to ‘run out his shift’. He promised to call me back with a manager the next morning. I never got a call.

Next, the QuickBooks system is FULL of errors, and then when you try to hunt down help to fix them, the QuickBooks help is bafflingly bad. Every ten minutes or so I’d get a new error which I’d then have to google to find solutions for. Their help would not provide information on their own errors. Out of my two bank accounts, two PayPal accounts, and eight credit cards, nearly every single one had import or connection errors. I mention again that I’ve been using this software for over ten years. These aren’t new accounts. For some I had to custom-write code to convert their files into something usable by QuickBooks. This should not be happening in 2022. When you look through the QuickBooks forums these issues have been thoroughly documented for YEARS by users and are still not fixed.

There are just so many issues with navigating through an account, reconciling accounts, and more, which are either tedious or user-hostile. I am baffled how this software is in this state.

And then of course there is the pricing issue. It was bad enough when they used to force you to upgrade every three years to have functional software. Now in 2022 they have a high price which you are required to pay YEARLY to use them. If the software and customer service were top-notch I might say it’s worth that price. But with all the errors in the software and the atrocious customer service? There is no way it is worth this kind of money.

I will absolutely be changing off of QuickBooks. I will thoroughly document the process to make it easy for others to do the same. Managing finances is stressful enough – financial software should make this process EASIER, not HARDER.

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